Important Notice

As a result of counterfeit Axiolabs products in some EU countries and parts of USA, Axiolabs has been forced to change our lid temporarily. This new lid is pictured below and will be used on all products from this date for the next 30 days, after which our new lid will be revealed along with unique serial numbers on every product guaranteeing our loyal users 100% Axiolabs quality.

From the lab we would like to say that if people put as much effort into copying our products as they did into making counterfeit labeling they might actually succeed in providing a quality product they could be proud of however some people prefer to ride on the Axiolabs name and others are just in the label printing business.

As always we guarantee all our customers the best product with our best quality money back guarantee which states if you find a better product anywhere we will refund you your full purchase cost.

Warmest Regards
Team Axiolabs

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