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    20 mg/tab
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Taldenaplex: Effective blood flow

The Uses

It is a potent inhibitor of electrolytic enzyme type and therefore increases the penile response to sexual stimulation.Taldenaplex has found to be effective in the case of treating sexual dysfunction. Additionally, it is used in the treatment of enlarged prostate.It is effectively used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.Most effectively it is very useful for the community of strength sports persons during the Post Cycle Therapy. In this period the anti-estrogen product eliminates the estrogen effects. In the process, there is no water retention and the muscle development is genuine.


In the case of sexual dysfunction it increases the blood flow in the penis to help in keep an erection. In the case of enlarged prostate the urine flow becomes regular. In the case of strength sports persons in the post cycle period, it effectively regulates the blood pressure so any undesirable effect does not take place. The inhibitor factor plays significant role in preventing estrogen effects.

Dose and Cycles

In the case of treatment of sexual dysfunction this product should be taken one to four hours before sexual activities. You should not take more than one tablet per day. The dose is 50mg per day and considering the effects and the medical conditions the dose can be increased maximum to 100mg per day. In the case of overdose you may experience nausea, swelling, headache, chest pain and dizziness. That is the reason never entertain overdose, you should adhere to the prescribed dosage. For the strength sports persons the dose is 20mg per day.

Mode of Functioning

It increases the level of cyclic guanoise monophosphate (c GMP) in cavernous smooth muscle cells. Whereas c GMP is the right kind of messenger for the vasodilator effects of nitric oxide, it causes smooth muscle relaxation which in turn leads to penile erection. In the strength sports sphere, it eliminates the possible estrogen effect which is possible with the use of an anabolic product in the post cycle period. It prevents the conversion of androgen to estrogen


In the case you are already taking nitrate medications for chest pain or heart problem, it is better not to take this product. You can consult your specialist in this regard. You should mention to your specialist about all the medications you are currently taking. The reason is there may be any reactive medication so that the blood pressure may reduce considerably.


It has been found to be quite successful in the case of treating sexual dysfunction. It has been found that this product associated with a higher mean score in the case of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).It has been found that the frequency of penetration and maintenance of erection enhanced significantly.Moreover, the dysfunction related depression is also eased. In the sphere of strength sports it provides the required energy for the post cycle workout sessions. Moreover this anti-estrogen product effectively eliminates the estrogen effects so no water retention is caused. The sports persons get the needed hard muscular look. It has been found effective for the persons above 50 years who have low level of testosterone and is a fitness enthusiast. It helps those persons who have high blood pressure. As the product improves the blood flow the workout sessions become more fruitful.

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