Testaplex P 100

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Units:
    100 mg/ml
  • Active Substance:

    Testosterone Propionate


Increase your energy level with testaplex p 100

The human body is full of hormones. All of them have their part ofdoing in the complete function of the human body. Testosterone is quite an important one of them. The hormone is responsible for males as it affects their puberty or andropause issues when normalcy is withdrawn. The medicine, namely testaplex p 100,is ana answer to all such queries. This intramuscular injection can make the hormone usually react again.


The main element of the med is testosterone cypionate. This is a synthetic compound. Once injected in the body, this can ensure the testosterone hormone's normal and natural functioning again in your body. In other words, testaplex p 100 stimulates the body to produce the hormone also naturally. Then the testosterone works for the benefit of the body in the same natural way.

The compound hasboth an androgenic and anabolic effects on the human body. But the first one is stronger while the second one is relatively moderate. Men facing the disease of hypogonadism can have a better result from the medicine.

The med testaplex p 100 is suitable for testosterone replacement therapy too. The treatment is ideal for men suffering from hypogonadism. The medicine within the treatment solves their max problems and offer them a new chance to stay better and healthier.

Testosterone cypionate is a long-acting version of the hormone testosterone with an ether of Cypionate attached. The later delays the procedure of testosterone to secrete to the bloodstream. This compound is the most popularly prescribed med in the world. Its effectiveness is also testified medically for years.

Side effects

The med testaplex p 100 with the main testosterone cypionate element has its share of side effects. It is useful enough for the males with hypogonadism, but you can’t avoid the side effects. As both males and females use the compound, it has side effects on both.

  •   Priapism
  •   Urinary Tract Infection
  •   Bladder contractions increasing the frequency of urination
  •   Virilism, a condition in which a woman develop masculine characteristics
  •   Irregularity or absence of menstrual period.
  •   Enlargements of breast or acute pain in the breast.
  •   Chances of cancer increase in the prostate gland.
  •   Epididymis of the testicles ger inflated


Multiple drugs get interacted with Testosterone cypionate. Some need to be substituted, or adjustment of doses will do the rest for the regular users. The few of the several interactions are-

  • Adderall is listed in CNS stimulants. It is used to treat conditions like Narcolepsy, ADHD. It interacts with testosterone in some specific ways.
  • Cialis interacts with testosterone. It is classified as one of the impotence agents. It is used to treat conditions like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Erectile dysfunction.
  • Estradiol from the med group of estrogens interacts with testosterone. The element is beneficial and can cure various diseases like Gender Dysphoria, Osteoporosis, Hypoestrogenism, and many more.

The normal functioning of testosterone inthe human body is essential and significant for a lot of reasons. If it needs care, you have to consult a doctor and take the prescribed med to make conditions better.

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