Hexaplex 450

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Units:
    450 mg/ml
  • Active Substance:
    Testosterone Mix


Hexaplex: Match fit muscle contractions

The Uses

In the medical sphere, it is used in the treatment of complications when sex glands do not produce hormones known as hypogoandism and it is observed in males. In fact, it is a situation of low level of testosterone and it leads to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. The way out is testosterone replacement. This injectable product is quite popular with the community of strength sports persons because of the right kind of muscle development and performance enhancement. This synthetic version of testosterone is found in an oily solution.

Dose and cycles

The recommended and general dose is 250 to 400 mg per week for male. In the case of female the dose is much lower at 50 mg per week. In fact the dose can be tailor made for different strength sports goals. For a bodybuilding dose depends on the goal that is bulking where as in the case of athletes the dose will be determined for the cutting cycle. For the purpose of fat burning and cutting high dose is not required. In the case of fat loss, it is important to preserve muscle mass during the time when you have a calorie deficit. The doses will be different for bulking and cutting. In the case the dose is exceeded, and then undesirable effects like acne, headache and mood swings may occur. As it releases slowly it is not necessary to take high dose except recommended by the trainer.

Mode of functioning

It belongs to the androgen group of products. It contains an ester group and it is most effective when administered in the intramuscular tissues. Due to the strength training the muscle tissues undergo definite strain. The nitrogen retention and protein synthesis not only enable the strength sports persons to perform at enhanced level, but also damaged muscles are repaired quickly. It is better to use an anti-estrogen product during the Post Cycle Therapy to eliminate any chance of having the undesired effects of estrogen. As the natural testosterone level is low during the use of the product a proper post cycle plan is required to restore body’s normal functions. The muscle growth is promoted mainly due to the nitrogen retention factor. On the other hand the increased production of red blood cells enhances the physical endurance level.


It is better you show the specialist the list of all the medications you are taking. Vitamin tablets, herbs, insulin and anti diabetic medications may interact.


This product has been found to be quite effective in the case of testosterone therapy. In the sphere of strength sports it is useful for the beginners also. As they can get considerable muscular gain in the case this product is used in stacks with another one. It has been found that a number of athletes have benefitted from the product as it improves muscle contraction by increasing the overall motor neutrons. Its popularity within the community of strength sports persons is due to its long half life and slow rate of release. It plays a vital role in functioning of the healthy muscle tissues. It improves muscle contraction, harder the muscle can contract you can generate more power.

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